West coast fossil park - Fishermans Rest
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West coast fossil park

West Coast Fossil Park

An absolute must for all visitors to the area. Not only will you see a Sabre-toothed tiger that used to roam the area 5 million years ago but you will also get to see a giraffe with a horn, as well as a Three-toed horse.

You will be taken to an excavation site where you can see the bones of these incredible animals still lying where they died over 5 million years ago. You will also get the opportunity to look through excavation material to see what you can find.

There is a play park for young children and I guarantee the old and young will both find the trip fascinating.

When you are finished with the guided outing which takes approximately 1 hour, you can relax in the restaurant where you can get refreshments and freshly baked cakes and pies.

Definitely not to be missed.

Velddrif is where the famous Berg River meets the Atlantic Ocean.