EK & DJY VISSERY ETC - Fishermans Rest
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This is a wonderful shop selling everything from( as you guest) dried fish ,( bokkoms) , right through to Velddrif souvenirs. If you take your dog for a walk you can take them to this shop for refreshments as you can see by the writing on the bottom of the door.

They also provide (Mossie Kos) i.e. food for the local mossie who has a nest in the roof of this building. There is a sign on the front door directing the Mossie to his food.

Incidentally all the Mossies in Velddrif can read. You definitely need to look at all the posters and gadgets and souvenirs that are sourced from (“strictly” as Des the owner puts it,) the locals in the area.

This shop is a fantastic expression of something you will only find in Velddrif and definitely can’t be missed when you visit this part of the West Coast.

Bikers very welcome.

You can contact Des @ 082 380 4083

Velddrif is where the famous Berg River meets the Atlantic Ocean.