Bokkom Laan - Fishermans Rest
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Bokkom Laan



This is where the fisherman of Velddrif have been plying their trade in exactly the same way for the last 150 years. It feels like you have stepped back in time.

If you arrive at about 5 o`clock in the evening you may be lucky enough to see pelicans trying to steel a few scraps from the local fisherman. Marina a local artist and has a gallery in this street in an old Fishermans cottage where she displays some of her wonderful paintings.

A little further down the lane is the beautiful restaurant ( The Vishuis ), run by Gill who believe it or not is English. In Gill`s words (“many people pass through Velddrif but those who stay ,never leave”).

Why not take a fantastic boat trip up the Berg river.

Velddrif is where the famous Berg River meets the Atlantic Ocean.